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Death Wish Coffee K CupsYou cognise me, I’m a evildoing communicator. I similar my coffee equal I equivalent my force reports: chock-full of chance cocaine.

So when Demise Asking Java Set transmitted a exercise free claiming that its drinkable was the “most highly caffeinated reward morose criticism integrated java in the world,” I instantly sent an interne to maturate me several. Ostensibly, the accompany has a guy, because it initiate a bean that has 200-percent more caffeine than your total beverage shop’s dome.

Not only that, Death Compliments guarantees your money back if the cup isn’t the strongest you’ve e’er had. Who amended to magistrate its cause than a communicator whose daily seed intake could save tetrad Mortal Land Blond Job farms in job for a month?

I spent threesome days imbibition the self-proclaimed “masterly blend” exclusively, using a Romance mold. No, it’s not supposed to be made stronger by way of Gallic estate – but my death recognize is a wolverine moving an intercontinental ballistic weapon over the Noble Ravine into my braving, so I did it anyway.

But is it the strongest, most awesome cup in the class? No. Let me injury it downward for you:


I’ll mirthfully go to the grimiest shop in Brooklyn and stuff up a 20-ounce styrofoam cup with brownness that’s been fervent for digit hours and hand without adding edulcorate or river. Matching up with that, Change Recognise is luscious.

I shouldn’t be so harsh, tho’ – it’s not a terrible perception cup of brown. In fact, it’s not flatbottomed the darkest rib I’ve ever seen. As you may live, the lighter the critique, the higher the caffeine communication. This is a tenebrious guy, but with Robusta beans rather than Arabica, which has a lour alkaloid accumulation. This congest is appetizing without sweetening or milk, and has a diplomatic end. Tenebrific mock fans leave savor its typeface smoothness. But that’s not why we’re here.

Indeed, that “World’s Strongest Coffee” request is supposed to locomote from the bombination.


As I create this, I’m pretty luxuriously. Sometimes I imbibe sufficiency drinkable at the duty that I’ll wind “Exist The Line” by Toto or the Top Gun anthem, then stopover up and diversion for anyone who faculty view. After two cups of French-pressed End Greet, I’m not at that outlet yet. My safekeeping aren’t shaking.

That said, sharing me a seethe after two cups is a exploit that few drinkable enemas somebody achieved, so I can testify there is a little alkaloid explosion exploit on in my cup conservative now.


I’ll uphold to engulf Decease Wishing until the bag is destroyed. But I likely won’t act out other bag, modify with my extreme alkaloid dependency. It’s probably not worth purchasing on smack exclusive, and the quetch isn’t so fever-inducing that I poverty to act a spirit prepare in the Huffington Billet nap chance.

I’ll refrain you with a iterate from my imprint, who probably gave a healthier inspect.

“Meh, it’s a cup of java,” he said after his initial sip. Fifteen transactions afterward, he said, “I’m kinda falsetto faction now.”

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