Eliminate wrinkles week

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Eliminate wrinkles week

How to remove wrinkles in the face – Wrinkles is one of the signs of premature aging. The emergence of these problems is extremely reasonable and is a natural condition of the person. Normally wrinkles can appear at the bottom of the forehead, eyes, cheeks, and other areas of the face. Though not a serious health problem, but could you make the face wrinkles appear old.
How to eliminate wrinkles and wrinkles
Wrinkles make you look old
In addition due to aging, wrinkles can also be caused due to some bad habits. Starting from smoking, sunlight, lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, and so on. It’s good if you want to prevent wrinkles, avoid bad habits.
To get rid of wrinkles on your own, there are actually lots of ways that you can be reached. Be it naturally or medical care. Prior to medical treatment, it is better to apply a natural way first. Because of the way remove wrinkles with medically not necessarily ensure the level of security.
How to remove Wrinkles on face Naturally
How to remove wrinkles on the face? Eliminate wrinkles on the forehead and face right now!
Remove wrinkles under the eyes and the forehead is not too difficult. Here there are several ways that you can do to remove aging.
1. Apply a cream or serum eye
Cream and serum eye serves to moisturize the area around the eyes. With moist skin conditions, then any wrinkles can be resolved easily. You can apply the cream every night before bed, while the serum can be used on a regular basis at least once a week only.
The serum is highly beneficial for skin tightening, so is excellent for removing wrinkles under the eyes.
2. using a wet rag
Patting section wrinkles using a wet rag as it turns out is also quite effective for eliminating wrinkles in the face. Do I dampen a soft cloth with warm water, then PatPat on the bottom of the eyes or forehead.
Try to message it’s all wrinkled piece evenly. This very effective way is done before you sleep and after waking up in the morning (before the break).
3. Consume plenty of water white
White water is not only beneficial to maintain fluid balance in the body, but also turned out to be good enough to keep the skin moist.
With the State of the skin is moist, then any wrinkles may be lost. Ideally, according to the experts, you disatankan to white water consumption by as much as 8 glasses a day.
4. Milk and honey
Milk and honey is a fairly complete nutrition sources. Honey is a humectant contains compounds can absorb and retain moisture to the skin, so that it can help keep the skin elasticity and overcome the appearance of wrinkles.
While the milk contains lactic acid, which is quite high. Lactic acid will help clean up the poo-poo that is found deep in the pores of the skin. As a result, collagen secreted can also optimally.
How to remove wrinkles with milk and honey:
If we combine 1 tbsp (15 ml) honey with 1/2 tbsp (7, 5 ml) of organic milk or fresh milk. Stirstir until all ingredients are well blended
Pijatkan mixture to the face that is experiencing wrinkles. Let stand 30 minutes to sink if
After that, rinse with warm water until clean.

5. Exfoliate with lemon juice and sugar

Lemon juice contains citric acid, which is quite high, where this content is both abrasive and useful for removing dead skin cells causes wrinkles on the face. In addition, the content of vitamin C in a lemon can also act to increase production of collagen in the skin of the face.
While the sugar itself contains glycolic acid which can repair damaged skin cells. Mix the two ingredients naturally this could be ingredients exfoliate or scrubing wrinkles in the face.
How to remove wrinkles with lemon and sugar:

The first combine 1 tsp (5 ml) raw, organic sugar with 2 tbsp (30 ml) fresh lemon juice

After well blended, oles and pijatkan the mixture evenly on the wrinkles
Try not to be exposed to the eye, because it can cause pains
Let sit for 10 minutes, when the already pervasive rinse with cold water.

6. apply the egg white mask

Egg whites are a source of protein that is high enough. The protein content is very nutritious to repair skin cells that have been damaged. So it is very good to speed up the regeneration of new skin cells.
In addition, the egg whites also consequential astrigen. Its nature is what can make the skin appear firmer and free from the problem of wrinkles. Even in the use of s. 1 d 2 times you can already enjoy the results.
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