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Estrogenic HerbsIs thermography your “new breast friend”?

Wendy Sellens, a certified acupuncturist and the founding father of red picture Thermography in Solana beach, CA, thinks so!

For every lady who wants to recognize the fact approximately the nation of her breast fitness or whether the ones supposedly most cancers-stopping dietary supplements and estrogenic foods recommended via her health practitioner or holistic practitioner are without a doubt working, her answer is easy: “Your breasts can’t lie.”

In Breast most cancers Boot Camp, coauthored with William B. Hobbins MD, Sellens presents placing, irrefutable visual proof of detrimental, precancerous outcomes at the breasts from start manage drugs, hormone substitute treatment plans, and at the least a dozen supposedly wholesome estrogenic ingredients and herbs.

maximum of those merchandise come fairly encouraged with the aid of opportunity doctors and different fitness care practitioners, but promote angiogenesis in the breast, a regarded hazard issue for breast cancer.

Angiogenesis refers back to the formation of latest blood vessels. it’s miles vital to form new blood vessels inside the placenta throughout pregnancy and to update blood vessels in the course of recovery from an injury. Angiogenesis has a dark side, however, whilst it helps gasoline cancer increase. due to the fact thermograms —unlike mammograms or breast ultrasound — show vascularization, they’re distinctly useful for breast fitness screening and tracking.

Dr. Hobbins is a former doctor who pioneered breast cancer detection through each mammography and thermography. Now ninety, he keeps to induce extensive use of thermography for preliminary screening and prevention because “the angiogenesis of a breast cancer isn’t always simplest the earliest sign, but the best sign for detection and diagnosis in treatment.” back inside the Eighties ,when soy protein changed into first widely advertised as a “fitness meals,” Dr. Hobbins cited a link among soy consumption, multiplied vascularity and breast most cancers development.

Sellens is a licensed acupuncturist and a protegé of Dr. Hobbins who studied with him for 5 years and spent seven years reviewing his hundreds of cases. She founded red photo Thermography in Solana beach, CA, is president and cofounder of the girls’s Academy of Breast Thermography, president of the non-profit pink Bow Breast Thermography studies and schooling, and is actively pushing for rigorous nationwide certification requirements for thermography.
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