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Cups Like YetiYeti cups and Hydroflask boxes are big proper now.  you see people customizing them everywhere in the area.  inside the Lubbock region, you generally see vinyl lettering and decals on them.  in my opinion, that is now not the fine manner to guard a $forty cup.  in case you want to make it your very own, have it laser etched with ambitious, black, permanent markings.

To mark on vacuum sealed cups and mugs, we use an additive marking device.  No metallic is eliminated and no damage is completed to the metal’s integrity.  One aspect you have to be aware about is that Yeti’s guarantee is voided via ANY changes to their products, no longer just laser marking.  if you’re going to mark a yeti, ensure that it is a way so one can not compromise the integrity of the item due to the fact you won’t be sending it lower back in.
The massive questions most of the people have are:

1) what’s the cost?

The cost is straightforward at the cups, $15 for the primary facet and $10 for the second one.  The marked region is about 3″x3″ on most items.  The flip round time is usually next day, however that varies with order levels in the shop and the scale of your order.  We get them performed as soon as bodily possible.

2) What can be etched onto a cup?

The possibilities are nearly countless.  we can do business emblems if they’re in a black and white vector format, line art works best.  we will do textual content in a full-size number of fonts, and we will do unlicensed artwork that is in a vector format as well.  we are presently operating on doing snap shots.  as soon as we have the manner perfected, a good way to be an offering available with a further charge for the image conversion.

3) What if my logo isn’t in a vector layout?

maximum legitimate pictures designers could have vector file codecs to be had for you.  just get in contact with them and see if they are able to send you the record in AI, EPS or CDR formats.  if they don’t have your brand in a vector layout, we are able to try to convert it from a high high-quality photo.  If it’s an smooth conversion, we might not fee you a dime.  If it’s extra hard, however nevertheless feasible, it is a $20 rate.  For the ones logos that can’t viable be converted due to element, or first-class troubles, we can have our photo clothier recreate it for you for a charge.  The rate is commonly inside the community of $sixty five-$a hundred and twenty, however which can vary with the scope of the logo.

4) Can it’s marked in other colorings?

lamentably, the only shade available for laser marking at the moment is black.  The manufacturer of the chemical used, the most effective producer for that product at this time, is really working on shade marking solutions, but they have no longer introduced achievement or a launch date as of but.

5) Do they come in hues?

whilst aftermarket engraving may be questionable, with all of the FDA’s requirements for food safety, there may be one manufacturer that has their tumblers available in an expansion of meals safe shades, SIC (severely Ice bloodless).  We appreciated their cups a lot, we started wearing them in our shop and dropped the “different” manufacturers.  We preserve about 12 special powder coat shades of SIC cups in stock at any given time, no longer counting the conventional stainless.  a majority of these hues are engravable (the laser eliminates the powder coat inside the engrave area).  Curious approximately SIC?  test their product.

i am hoping this answers everybody’s questions about their cups.  in case you’re equipped to get them achieved, simply drop by the shop.  we will be glad to get you sorted.

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