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The spleen is one of the organs of the body are located in the abdominal cavity next to the top left, the spleen is functioning to produce a fluid called lymph. This fluid helps digest food and clean the blood, spleen also serves to nourish two other important organs i.e. liver and kidneys.
The spleen organ in the body will always healthy and strong when you always give the best care, one of the organs of the body that rarely get the attention is the spleen. The location of this organ is on the left upper abdominal cavity, these organs have a duty to produce lymph fluid to clean the blood and digest food.
If you often feel abdominal pain on the left side up and spread to the left shoulder can so you experience swollen spleen, although in some cases mild swelling of the spleen does not cause any symptoms.
The spleen is a small organ that is soft like a sponge that is located just below the rib cage on the left, belongs to the soft organs similar to liver organ and easily damaged. Adverse effects due to swelling of the spleen that is affecting the immune system, easy it got a virus and bacteria, there was a disturbance in filter red blood cells, reducing the number of healthy cells in the bloodstream even to damage the organ others such as the kidneys.
When swelling in the spleen failed to recover it will be very dangerous and can lead to death, because if the spleen is swollen in a long time then it will experience a ruptured spleen and at risk of decay resulting from viral infections attacking the spleen. Treatment can be by means of surgical removal of the spleen, but side effects are immune will decrease. When the spleen is not running properly, kidney and liver organs can be damaged, in order to preserve the health of the spleen, refer to the following: healthy tips


1.Took a deep breath

Your body is made up of lymph fluid which is a lot more than blood. Lymph fluid it will haul the poison in the blood with Your breathing is aided by tools. So, while breathing in a long breath and pull the push slowly.


Sports make sure system the spleen or lymph system remains healthy. One of the best sports to nourish the spleen You system is by playing trampoline that automatically will improve the flow of lymph.
Drink lots of water
Without enough water, the lymph liquid cannot flow properly on your body. One of the best ways to ensure that water is easily absorbed by the body’s cells is to add lemon liquid into it.
Avoid consumption of soda
Sodas contain a lot of sugar that will add to the workload of Your lymph system.
3.Eating fruit
Enzymes and acids in the fruit is cleaning the spleen. One of the best time to consume the fruit is by take in the now empty stomach because his nutritional absorption will be more optimally.
4.Eating a lot of vegetables
Green vegetables contain chlorophyll which is good for cleansing the blood and lymph fluid you.
5.Consuming nuts
Nuts contain fatty acids that are good for the health of Your lymph nodes. So there is no harm if you multiply the consumption of walnuts, almonds, and peanuts.
6.Consuming tea
Tea is a herbal beverage is good for health. One of the benefits of consuming this tea is good for the health of Your lymph nodes.
Massage is one of the good way to maintain the health of your spleen. Because the massages are able to smoothen the flow of Your lymph nodes.
Shower with hot water and cold water alternately
Shower with hot water dilates Your blood vessels can, while taking a bath with cold water is able to close the back of the blood vessels. To avoid this type of therapy if you have problems with your heart.
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