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Herbs For VertigoHerbs For Vertigo – Maybe most people are still unfamiliar with the words of vertigo. But did you know that vertigo is one of the diseases that make the sufferer feel circling. This is due to the vertigo itself comes from the word vetere in Greece means spinning or twisting. Usually the sensation of movement spinning because the disease is also followed by other vertigo symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, the number issued to sweat the body temperature becomes cold and not normal.
Perhaps you thought that during these same vertigo with migraines. Although it is mostly same symptoms, namely disorders of the illusion that makes the object around in circles, but it was felt a migraine and vertigo are 2 different diseases. Vertigo is a symptom that is caused due to an impaired balance in the inner ear organs commonly known as vestibular or it could be due to a disturbance of the balance of the brain. In addition to the existence of vestibular and balance disorders in the brain, the vertigo can also be caused by the presence of inflammation on the inside of the ear. Well, so the question is, what can cause impaired balance and inflammation of the organ part in the ear?

Not only that, Herbs For Vertigo and if the sufferer is not strong with this disorder sufferers of vertigo, too often off balance and will ultimately fall. Vertigo generally last only a few moments, but often this disease can also be continued until a few hours up to a day. If not immediately addressed, of course it can make the sufferer to be tormented.

This is a natural vertigo cure the most efficacious
Ginger became one of a very potent drug to overcome the head often dizziness, vertigo, and nausea and vomiting due to excessive headaches. You can try to make hot tea with a bit of sugar and then add a few slices of raw ginger is already clean. This drink will make headaches be reduced, reducing the nausea and vomiting as well as addressing the problem of blood pressure.
Pepper and lemon

The second is to use the pepper and lemon. For those of you who have a history of vertigo, it’s worth making a natural remedy to prevent vertigo came back. That is by way of mixing the salt or pepper into warm lemon juice. Drink the concoction on a regular basis to prevent and overcome the disease of vertigo.


Drug traditional almond is vertigo. As we know the almonds are rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids which can help the body to overcome bouts of vertigo. Not only the benefits of almonds, almonds are also useful to overcome headaches and tiredness due to work or exercise that is too heavy. The trick is very easy i.e. You could mix almond powder in milk and drink every morning.


In addition to being used as a flavoring dishes, one of the other benefits of celery leaves can also be used to relieve dizziness and fatigue due to the disease vertigo. How to use it is very easy that is with how to make the juice of celery leaves and drink regularly.

Honey and coriander

The next traditional vertigo remedy is to use honey and coriander. Since time immemorial the honey has been trusted to safeguard the health of the body, one of which is to treat of vertigo. How coriander seeds, soak for 24 hours then take the water. You can also warm the water marinade coriander seeds then mix it with honey and drink while warm. So fresh you can also add water with the juice of a lemon.


Surely you already know the plants and herbs on this one. Lime plant is very easy to find in Indonesia. Well, did you know that turns fruit lime produced by this plant is capable of use as herbal ingredients to overcome vertigo? Lemons contain nutrients that are beneficial to overcome vertigo, such as essential oils are able to relieve nausea and vomiting, so any vertigo symptoms would disappear. In addition, lemon also contains glycosides which will improve blood circulation and relieve the symptoms of vertigo.

How to utilize the plant a lime as traditional medicine vertigo very easily. You simply take the fruit of the lemon, then squeeze the water and mix it with hot water or tea. After that, don’t forget to mix in a little salt, stir until evenly, and consume immediately. You can consume the herb lemon twice a day.

Jasmine Flowers

Well, it turns out that in addition to being used as an herbal tea, Jasmine Flower and the leaves have an incredible ability to cope with vertigo. Jasmine flowers contain essential oils that can act as anti-depressan that assuage feelings of nausea and also improve blood circulation, so that will help you to overcome the symptoms of vertigo.
To use it pretty easy, you can simply set up a handful of leaves and jasmine petals of jasmine flowers. After that, you squeeze-squeeze all ingredients and sprinkle on the water. Well, the water is Brown leaves and jasmine flowers that you can use as a cure vertigo with rub it on the brow and crush you.
Ginko biloba
Vertigo is the next traditional medicine with the use of Gingko biloba. Ginko biloba is a plant type a good remedy for addressing the disease of vertigo. One of the benefits of medicinal plants of this one is to increase blood flow to the parts of the ear and the brain as well as supporting the production of red blood cells. If it’s no bother, you can buy Gingko biloba in supplement form. Currently some type of Gingko biloba supplements have been many sold in herbal medicine shops. Alternatively, you could set up 4-5 strands of leaves of gingko biloba, then boil in 3 cups of water. If it’s already boiling water and the remaining 1 Cup live, then you can cool it down for a moment and then straight into consumption.
Yogurt and strawberries
For sufferers of vertigo, body nutrition is the most important thing that must be met. With such a body would be more fresh and always prime. You can consume yogurt and strawberries as a nutritional supplement. drink mix the yogurt and strawberries in twice a week on a regular basis.


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