What Are The Signs Of Colon Cancer

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What Are The Signs Of Colon Cancer
What Are The Signs Of Colon Cancer – Bowel cancer certainly is not worth the negligible because cancer always turns off if you do not immediately get proper handling. Bowel cancer itself occurs due to the growth of normal cells that are located in the area of the small intestine, colon, Appendix, or anus. The emergence of this bowel cancer along the intestine, precisely along the thin chain and have symptoms that are quite clear.
The occurrence of colon cancer could be from the presence of inflammation of the colon that has already lasted long enough, like colitis that cause we often experience constipation or constipation, miscarriages or anxiety. Before heading to the responses, we need to turn to one of the signs of bowel cancer it what it looks like. Below are a number of signs or characteristics that can be known before checked themselves and ensure the central truth we suffered from colon cancer.
1. Abdominal pain
Due to bowel related, then it is clear that one of the traits that a person experiencing bowel cancer disease middle is feel any pain in the lower abdomen that often show up and not lost-lost. Lower abdominal pain sometimes to the women who would come months or during the mestruasi will inevitably arise, but need to be further investigated in the stomach feels pain without an obvious reason. In case of persistent certainly checked yourself is a good idea.
2. Ambeien
Ambeien who too often do not underestimated because this could be a sign of the presence of cancer lodged in our gut. Ambeien itself is a condition of inflammation or swelling of the veins in the lower rectum and anus area. Not only the pain that would be felt by the sufferer, but there is a sense of shame and minder as well because the average sufferer would tough just to sit.
The sufferer will also suffer greatly when the bowel must be because the lips anus would be very ill. This may be considered normal by most people who have experienced, but whereas ambeien can be a symptom of bowel cancer, especially colon cancer. These early signs need to be observed and checked myself before too long will be more manageable.
3. Stool Accompanied Blood
Ambeien not just discomfort and pain when we sit or defecation. The condition of bowel movements even can issue any stool with blood when you happen too often then it will not be good for the body. Blood levels in the body may diminish this blood mixed with the stool when the frequency was quite often. In addition to the presence of blood were coming out, the texture of the fecal matter different from that normally, that is thinner and longer, it is necessary to note the exact moment we defecate so that can better ensure the actual conditions.
4. quickly Tired
Feeling exhausted is reasonable conditions in our activities is indeed so many and dense. Heavy activity did make us become easily fatigued, but if a sense of tired that appear unnatural and even accompanied by the presence of other symptoms of bowel cancer, will certainly need more attention. The tired body can also be caused by anemia, anemia or conditions, but a shortage of the blood here it is associated with colon cancer. Saw themselves as early as possible while not feeling right with body condition is a form of proper precautions.
5. the Anemia
Blood deficiency or anemia disease is a condition that can occur when a woman is usually central in future months, and indeed the average wanitalah who experienced this. But the anemia is very likely to occur when a person is too often bleed during bowel movements. Stool comes out along with the blood isn’t normal if there is persistent because it will trigger a shortage of blood in the body so that the body has great potential to become limp and uninspired. As we mentioned before, the body quickly tired of this anemia is the result of and we need to be suspicious of the existence of a cancer in our gut.
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6. Skin Turns Pale
Between one sign by the sign of the other must have something to do and when we realize that our skin turned pale, this means that is an effect of anemia because of blood shortages. This automatic blood shortage will make the body become easily excited and not so limp that also imposes on our skin color which Blanch. The blood that keeps out especially during bowel movements is not something that needs to be deemed reasonable, then when any skin has turned pale, immediately contact your doctor or checks so that bowel cancer can be detected early.
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