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Wheelchair Cup HolderWheelchair Cup Holder – Over my years of being paralyzed, there has been one elusive product I, or the companies making them, have never appeared to get right — the wheelchair cup holder. That’s proper, the seemingly simple accessory used to carry our beverages at the same time as on a roll.

i have been searching for “the one;” the appropriate cup holder that works for my chair simply-so for years, and no lie — I’ve been on a wild goose chase forever, until now. thanks to the resurgence of sewing combined with the new recognition of blogging, I’ve finally determined my dream cup holder, and it sincerely become a matter of the celebrities aligning.

earlier than nowadays and still ongoing, dozens of companies make cup holders for wheelchair, and unhappy to say, most are overpriced and made with shoddy materials; now not really worth even a fraction of the cost. I’ve tried nearly all of these, and being that i use a power wheelchair it’s been a mighty lengthy search.

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