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Whole Foods Cleanse JuiceIn modern times, drank a glass of juice is not only aimed at relieving thirst. There are recipes of vegetable or fruit juices exclusively for detoxification that is removing the toxins in the body naturally.
Media use juice for health therapy based not only on the myth but it’s been a lot of research to find the fact that natural deposits in fruits and vegetables were able to preserve the health of the body of the person who is diligent about taking it.
Fruit juice for health one is detox juice
Did you know, instant food you consume everyday contain toxins that are harmful to health?
The use of additional ingredients such as sugar, carbs and fats will produce toxins and free radicals in the blood is flowing without you even realizing.
There are actually the simplest way to remove toxins (detoxification) that exist in the body by drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. Its function is to maximize the performance of the organs of the body so that the toxins will get carried away along with urine or sweat.
Why choose drinking juice to cleanse the toxins that are buried deep in the body?
You need to know, one of the causes of the buildup of toxins, impurities and radicals is a pattern of unhealthy living. By consuming the processed fruit juice or vegetable juice, you are already running one of the patterns a healthy life because in the process of making the juice do not use materials containing chemical substances.
The following is a list of special health juice recipes for Detox so that the body remains fit, not easy pain and restore the missing mood.
A Variety Of Healthy Juice Recipes To Detox Naturally
1. ginger carrot juice
Prepare the major ingredients i.e. some pieces of ginger, 1 carrot, ½ fruit bits and apples. Cutcut into the shape of dice so easily destroyed then put in a blender and then process until soft. Pour into a shot glass then add ice cubes to add the freshness of the juice. You don’t need to add sugar because there is already a carrot that serves as a natural sweetener.
2. Apple Juice Orange
The materials needed are one ½ Apple, sweet orange, almonds and ½ sweet potatoes. Once all the material is cleaned, cut into small and then blend until smooth. This smoothie recipes contain potassium, protein and electrolytes that will restore the spirit and mood when you feel tired, fatigued and not passionate.
3. kiwi Juice cinnamon
To maintain body condition in winter, you can make warm beverages such as ginger or other warm juice here. Materials required i.e. kiwi fruit, sweet orange, grapefruit and a pinch of cinnamon to add to the uniqueness of taste. Health drink is very useful to keep the body stay fit because it was able to boost the immune system as well as the existence of a rich content of vitamin.
4. Fruit juice peach
If you experience health problems that are easily tired and sleepy and that could interfere with your daily activities, healthy juice recipe try this one. Materials needed: ripe peaches, lychee syrup and coconut milk to taste. In addition to the existing toxins cleanse mapu in the body, this nutritious recipe to avoid you from dehydration or lack of fluids.
5. Mango Juice strawberries
The anti-oxidant is one substance that is needed in the process of detoxification. However, you do not need to worry because nature already provide it for free. Prepare a mango fruit, three or four strawberries and a cup of blueberries (if any). The process of using a blender until smooth and well blended then serve by adding ice cubes to add the freshness of the juice that you make.
6. Apple Juice cherry
Various types of vitamins is also required by the body in order to clean the toxins to the maximum. The combination of natural ingredients such as apples, pears and cherries in a glass of juice is healthy only contains 192 calories. But don’t get me wrong, it contained vitamins A, B complex, C and E, and lutein can strengthen bones and fighting aging so that you get three health benefits directly.

7. Vegetable Juice kale
Iron became one of the key health organs of the body. You need it to keep the blood healthy and dump toxins accumulated due to free radicals as well as pollution from outside. Provide kale (borecole), Green Apple, cucumber and green grapes. Into small pieces and then blend until crushed. This juice is rich in iron and vitamin A so that it can help the body organs to work to its full potential.
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